OKRs for MailChimp

If you are using MailChimp for marketing automation, we have some good news for you – now you can also automate your Objectives & Key Results.

We have just released 14 new metrics for MailChimp, which you can attach to your OKRs.

Drive engagement of your newsletters

While there are multiple ways in which you can use MailChimp insights, I will explain the basics on a pretty common OKR for marketing teams.

  • Objective: Drive engagement of email campaigns
    • Key Result 1: Get 3,000 clicks on the campaigns
    • Key Result 2: Get open rate to 80%
    • Key Result 3: Have no more than 100 unsubscribes

You are in luck, as all of these metrics are now available out-of-the-box in Gtmhub for MailChimp.

Live key results for MailChimp
Live key results for MailChimp

If you haven’t used dynamic key results with Gtmhub yet, you can learn how to make your OKRs update automatically in this article.

Custom metrics for MailChimp

As with other systems, you can build custom metrics for MailChimp – specifically focusing on particular lists or campaigns. Gtmhub supports all of the data sources coming out of MailChimp API.

Automate your OKRs for any MailChimp metrics
Automate your OKRs for any MailChimp metrics

Writing custom metrics is simple and quick and pays off in spades, as you don’t have to update your OKRs every single week.


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