OKRs for JIRA – new Gtmhub integration

Today we have released 32 built-in JIRA metrics which you can use with your OKRs.

What makes Gtmhub special is the ability to dynamically connect to over 100 business systems and collect and update your key results – automatically and in real time.

Example engineering OKR

Let us assume following objective for engineering team:

Objective: Stabilize the product

  • Key result #1: Reduce number of open bugs to 50
  • Key result #2: Reduce number of open critical bugs to 0
  • Key result #3: Decrease the average lifetime of a bug to 4 days

If you are using JIRA, all this information is readily available. Calculating these metrics every week and updating them is not really the best use of one’s time. This is where Gtmhub JIRA connector comes in place.

JIRA masterplan: 32 built-in insights

JIRA key results
JIRA key results

The insights that come with the JIRA masterplan are divided in five groups:

  • Team performance
    Items in progress, Average lifetime of a story…
  • Stories
    Stories in progress, Done story points…
  • Bugs
    New bugs, Closed bugs count…
  • Epics
    Open epics, Closed epics…
  • People
    Max items assigned to a person, Average items assigned to a person…

The full list of built-in insights can be found in our documentation.

Building custom JIRA insights

Gtmhub comes with insights that most teams will find useful. Sometimes, however, you may need that one specific metric. No problem – you can build your custom metrics using either SQL or R language and attach them to your objectives just as the built in ones. Furthermore, the source code for all the 32 built-in insights is available in Gtmhub so you can use them as a starting point and tweak them as needed.

Building custom JIRA insights
Building custom JIRA insights

Demo and final words

JIRA insights require Growth Engine or higher edition of Gtmhub. If you want us to show you how it works, just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

In the mean time, we’ve recorded a short video which demonstrates the full capability of JIRA connector for Gtmhub.


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