OKRs for HubSpot CRM

We have just released 20+ built-in metrics for HubSpot CRM , which you can use to automatically update your OKRs.

What’s in the box?

In the first iteration, we have focused only on the HubSpot CRM. This will give you 22 metrics split into 3 InsightBoards:

  • Pipeline
  • Deal
  • Productivity


HubSpot pipeline metrics for OKRs

HubSpot pipeline metrics for OKRs


Improve efficiency of your sales team with OKRs

One of the HubSpot InsighBoards that we ship shows some of the important metrics related to deals.


Improve your deal closing with OKRs

Improve your deal closing with OKRs


In the screenshot above we can see that the imaginary sales organization is having some problems.

The first thing we can see is that in general, sales reps are not very active – doing only 1.48 sales activities on average per deal.

Second, we can see that there are almost 3 times more activities happening on deals that are lost than on those that are won.

Finally, we can see over-optimism with the sales team where it takes only 18 days to win a deal, while it takes whopping 101 days to lose a deal.

We can now create an OKR which will aim to solve these problems.

  • Objective: Improve efficiency of the sales team 
    • Key Result 1: Increase number of activities per deal from 1.48 to 5 
    • Key Result 2: Reduce the number of activities on lost deals from 13.80 to 5 
    • Key Result 3: Reduce the lifetime of lost deals from 101 to 20 days 

Automate your OKRs

What sets Gtmhub apart from everyone else is the ability to track your OKRs automatically . This means, that if you are using Gtmhub and HubSpot – you can set the OKR and the progress will be tracked automatically in real time.

Gtmhub connects to over 100 business systems and provides out-of-box metrics for 14 different systems .

Take it further

While we continue to ship out-of-the-box insights, you can also create your own insights using all of the HubSpot data sources.


HubSpot supported data sources

HubSpot supported data sources


You can learn more about creating custom metrics and insights in this article .

In the meantime, we will be working on shipping metrics for HubSpot marketing products.