Gtmhub customers accomplished 86% of their objectives in the last 12 months

The point of setting goals is to achieve them. When companies decide to implement OKRs, it is because they want to achieve meaningful objectives at a scale.


As organizations grow, however – setting, managing, achieving and understanding goals becomes a challenge.

This is why we have built Gtmhub. To help organizations undergoing high growth or managing significant change, manage OKRs – but really, to help them accomplish their goals at a scale.

So, to see how well we do that – we’ve run some data analysis on our own system. And what we have found has surprised even ourselves.

Gtmhub customers are killing it

Using the data capabilities of Gtmhub, we’ve come up with a following KPI.


Aggregated Goal Attainment of Gtmhub customers

Aggregated Goal Attainment of Gtmhub customers


What this tells us, that when we take all the objectives, for all customers for last 12 months – on average, their attainment was 86%. We have, naturally, linked this KPI to our customer success OKRs.

What do we make of this number?

There are three main conclusion we can make:

  1. Companies using Gtmhub take their goals seriously
  2. Gtmhub is used by high-performing companies
  3. Gtmhub helps companies with 1 & 2

Companies using Gtmhub take their goals seriously

Most of the goal setting and OKR programs end up being abandoned, because organizations simply do not take those initiatives seriously (at a scale). It is not that people don’t put in the effort and deliver results – but simply put, focus and alignment are not there.

This is not the case with customers of Gtmhub.

Gtmhub is used by high-performing companies

The fact that the average attainment of 86% is result of thousands and thousands of objectives, tells us that organizations using Gtmhub are, indeed, high-performing organizations.

Not only our customers run a well defined OKR program, but they are actually getting the return on their investment! Just imagine if you can achieve 86% of the goals you set for next quarter. How much is that worth to you?

Gtmhub helps companies to take their goals seriously and to perform well

While one could argue that we can prove only correlation, but not causation here – two facts still remain:

  • Organizations using Gtmhub are serious about their goals
  • And they achieve them at a spectacular rate

Either we help organizations to do that or amazing organizations choose us.

Either way, the conclusion is self-evident.

Performance as a Service

If you’d like to learn more about how Gtmhub helps organizations achieve their objectives – just book a demo .