OKR activity feed improvements: Notifications & mentions

The latest updates to Gtmhub bring improvements to the activity feeds.

First, from now on every time someone posts a comment, owner of the objective will receive an email notification. This also applies to employees and teams; for example, if you leave feedback for a colleague, she will be notified as soon as comment has been posted.


Second improvement allows you to mention your colleagues in comments. Any time you mention a person, that person will receive an email notifying them someone has mentioned them.


OKR activity timeline mentions

OKR activity timeline mentions



To mention a colleague, all you need to do is type “@” and first few letters of the person’s name, after which a selector will appear. You can then select the person and post your comment.

This is first of the many improvements we will be releasing to the activity timeline. As always, if you have a particular idea for improvement, please do get in touch with us.