Coming soon: Reinvented OKR notifications and weekly reports

OKRs help organizations to be focused , aligned and transparent . When done well, employees are significantly more engaged.

Most organizations that adopt OKRs, love the idea but often face obstacles in rolling it out at a scale. This is especially true when they employ a quick and dirty approach to tooling, such as Google Sheets.

Sooner, rather than later, people will stop updating their key results , some people and teams will forget to even define OKRs , while yet others will define incomplete OKRs with missing key results and so on. Shortly – a good intention can quickly turn into hell.

The perfect world

Ideally, when an organization adopts OKRs, everyone will have 2-3 OKRs defined for a quarter. People and teams will update their OKRs in a regular cadence. All of the OKRs will be meaningful, with clearly defined objectives and key results.

When we are talking of a small team, perhaps up to 5 people – this is not that hard to manage. But, as soon as there are even 15-20 people involved, managing this process becomes a nightmare. It is at this point that many organizations throw in the towel and simply abandon OKRs – not because they are disillusioned in OKRs, but simply because managing the process is way too hard.

With the new suite of features, that we will be releasing soon, we are exactly solving this problem – smooth management of OKR process.

As a matter of fact, first of these improvements – the new session check feature – has already been released.

All in one OKR check-in

The first on the list of improvements is a new reminder to check in progress. In the past, we were sending individual reminders for different key results that needed updating and the feedback we got told us it was overwhelming.

We are now simplifying this, by combining all the OKRs person is responsible for into one reminder and giving a one-click option to update all of the OKRs. To reiterate, a person may be responsible for following key results:

  • Key results belonging to personal OKRs
  • Key results belonging to team OKRs where the person is the manager
  • Key results owned by the person, belonging to other people or team OKRs


All-in-one OKR check-in reminder

All-in-one OKR check-in reminder



OKR Champion report

To make life easier for people tasked with implementing the OKRs process, in addition to the new session check feature, we are now also releasing a regular OKRs process report.

This report provides the following information on a regular basis:

  • Aggregated attainment on all OKRs
  • List of objectives that are underperforming
  • List of key results that are underperforming
  • List of OKRs that were completed
  • List of key results that have not been updated for a while
  • List of people and teams that don’t own OKRs
  • List of objectives that don’t have any key results defined


OKR Champion reports

OKR Champion reports


Global cadence settings

To streamline the workflow, we are now also introducing a global cadence setting. This new ability is used to send the check-in reminders, as well as generate OKR champion reports.

With cadence settings, you can define how often should OKRs be updated, what is the deadline for updating them, as well as when should the reports be sent.


Global OKR cadence settings

Global OKR cadence settings


Improved activity notifications

As part of a larger effort to improve notifications, we are also implementing a new notification which is sent to a user when an OKR has been assigned to her.

In addition to this, we are also revamping the notification that user has been mentioned in the comments. The new notification gives much more information and context, as to who, where and why has mentioned you.


Improved mention notifications

Improved mention notifications




We are releasing several new features all aimed at improving the workflow of the OKRs process.

With the new global OKRs cadence , combined reminders for check-ins and OKR champion reports we are making it easier for everyone to be on the same page with OKRs.

The new notifications are aimed at encouraging collaboration and improving the overall engagement of the team.

We keep observing the usage of Gtmhub and would like to thank all of our customers for precious feedback, which allows us to keep making Gtmhub better!