OKR Masterclass, Berlin: OKRs for high growth

Someone famously said that – In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.

This November, we are organizing an OKR Masterclass in Berlin that is going to test this quote. Whereas last year in London, we focused on the basics of OKRs and general theory, this year in Berlin we are focusing on the practice of OKRs.


OKRs in the field

By now, most of us know what OKRs are. We know we should do them quarterly. We also know that we should have about 3 objectives per quarter, and so on.

What is more interesting is to hear from people that are actually running OKR programs in actual organizations – not on PowerPoint slides. To that end, we’ve lined up some amazing speakers and we also made sure, they bring different perspectives.

Roger Longden, There Be Giants 

Roger is working actively with companies of different sized to help them adopt and manage OKRs.

Paul Möller, SAP 

Paul is bringing a unique perspective how OKRs fit in large enterprises, such as SAP.

Markel Palmstierna, Goodlord 

Markel, a Google alumni and now Director of Operations at Goodlord – a high growth startup, gives his take on OKRs.

We are also working on few more surprise speakers.

When? Where? Why?

We are honored and humbled that SAP.io will be sponsoring Gtmhub OKRs Masterclass.

The event is taking place on Wed, November 22, 2017, 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM CET, at SAP Canteen in SAP Office on Rosenthaler Strasse, Berlin.

In addition to hearing the real world experiences of people doing OKRs every day, we invite you for drinks and bites after the sessions. Finally, one lucky winner will be going home with an awesome gadget.

Reserve your seat at Eventbrite . Seats are limited, so hurry up.