Objective timeline: Everything that ever happened to an OKR

The new timeline view for an objective is one of the new features of Gtmhub. Timeline now tracks all the changes that happened to an OKR since it was created, giving everyone an easy glimpse at how the objective evolved over the time.

OKR activity
OKR activity


What is being tracked?


Aside from the comments, which were present for quite some time, you will now see in the timeline records of following events:

  • Any change to an objective, such as title or description
  • Change of objective alignment
  • Change of a confidence level for an objective
  • Adding or removing manual key results
  • Changing the targets for manual key results
  • Updating the progress of manual key results
  • Adding or removing dynamic key results
  • Changing the targets for dynamic key results
  • Changes in the progress of dynamic key results

Where to find the timeline?


The new timeline can be found in the detailed view of the objective.

OKR timeline
OKR timeline


In the next iterations, timeline will also be aggregated on the company dashboard as well as exposed to 3rd party services, such as Slack or email.


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