Now available in Simplified Chinese 👋

直到最近,英语还是使用 Gtmhub 时唯一可选择的语言。但在过去几个月,中国公司对 OKR 软件的需求不断增长。

为了提供更好的用户体验,并帮助我们的客户更有效地使用 OKR,我们决定推出 Gtmhub 中文版。今天,我们宣布我们平台的简体中文版面世了。

公司的用户使用 Gtmhub 时可以选择自己偏好的语言(英语或中文),并且管理员可以为加入他们团队的所有新人设置默认语言。


English version:

Until recently, English was the only language Gtmhub was available in. Over the past few months, the demand for OKRs software from Chinese companies has grown.

To offer a better user experience and support our customers to adopt OKRs effectively, we decided to launch Gtmhub in Chinese. Today, we’re announcing the translation of our platform in Simplified Chinese.

Users in one company can use Gtmhub in their preferred language (English, German or Chinese), and administrators will be able to set the default language for any new person who joins their team.

If you have any feedback, please get in touch with us or sign up for a trial.