Monthly Product Roundup: Task attachments; Lists of Employees; New mobile Home and KR cloning

Here are the new product updates that happened in November. Hop on the feature release train and enjoy the ride  🚂

Task attachments

Henry Ford once said: “ Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success .” The same holds true for the OKR journey. To achieve your goals, you need to emblematize the efforts needed for success by setting tasks and collaborating with your team to complete them.

Keeping track of your and your team’s Tasks is an essential part of OKR execution. That’s why, in addition to tasks comments introduced last month , you can now add attachments to your tasks.

Task attachments (e.g. any Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, designs sketches, and images) will enable you to effortlessly streamline communication, showcase assignment progress and be entirely transparent with your colleagues. Learn more about working with tasks .

Task attachments

Lists of Employees

Gtmhub’s Lists help you gather and visualize the right OKR data to fuel your decisions. Often, actionable insights are only found at the very granular level. 

The new Lists of Employees allows you to create custom reports with employees’ OKR metrics – a way for you to track progress, find bottlenecks and pinpoint what should be celebrated or improved.  

Team managers and OKR champions – here’s something to celebrate! Some of the insights you can easily get are:

– Who are the employees without objectives or key results?

– Who hasn’t been updating their OKRs?

– Who has progress higher than 90%?

Lists of employees

Learn more about Lists  here .  

New mobile Home

Did you know that 71% of employees spend over two hours a week accessing company information on mobile ? This is no surprise – nowadays, most of us are glued to our mobile devices.

Chances are your smartphone is key to achieving your goals. To help keep your phone time as efficient as possible, we’ve made some upgrades to the Gtmhub app. 

Gtmhub’s new mobile Home screen presents you with the most relevant OKRs at one glance – yours and your teams’.

New mobile Home

Download our mobile app from the   Apple App Store or Google Play

KR cloning

When you’ve chosen OKRs as a loyal companion on the road to success, you need to know one thing – setting the right objectives and measuring the right key results is of utmost importance.

Sometimes you need to have the same key results assigned to different people or one key result – used for different objectives. For example, sales managers in need of assigning a KR about winning 5 deals to all team members can seamlessly duplicate it into the same or another objective. And what if you wish to continue working on your key results in the next quarter?

The new KR cloning feature is what you need! It will save you time, increase your efficiency and let you focus on getting the results.

KR cloning

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