Managing OKR related tasks

Objective is what we want to accomplish. Key result is how we measure success. Today, in Gtmhub we introduce Tasks – what will we do about it.

Tasks are a new type of custom field that can be defined for OKRs. In this post, we’ll show how to set up tasks and how to use them.

Setting up tasks

The first thing is to add a new custom field to your OKRs.

OKRs tasks custom field
OKRs tasks custom field

Note that you can have multiple fields that represent tasks. For example, you can add fields by priorities: “Must”, “Should”, “Maybe”. The process of adding custom field is same as for any other, which we explain in this article. The only difference is that the type of the field is the new “To-do like list“.

Once you’ve added the custom fields that represent tasks, you will see them in your OKRs screens.

Defining tasks

To define a list of tasks, head to the objective and open it in edit mode. There you will have the option to define the list of tasks associated with that objective.

Defining OKRs tasks
Defining OKRs tasks

When editing OKRs you can add, delete or edit tasks. You can also mark them done, by checking the checkbox next to it, but marking tasks done can be also done without entering the edit mode of an objective.

Marking tasks done

The tasks custom fields will be displayed as a checkbox list in your objectives and you can just mark them done, to indicate the progress you are making on your OKR.

Marking OKRs tasks done
Marking OKRs tasks done

The new and flexible checkbox system allows you to get your OKR process to be exactly the way you want it to be. While tasks are obvious choice, you can use this new custom field for prerequisites, milestones or really anything that can be checked off.


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