List of OKR tools

OKRs are getting more popular by the day. We can see this both in the number of companies that contact us to help them adopt OKRs , as well as in the exploding number of tools that help companies drive performance through OKRs.

We often hear people suggesting companies to start “simple” with post-it notes or spreadsheets. We [obviously] think that’s a horrible advice – most of OKR tools don’t just help you manage OKRs, but also guide you to success. If you want to start driving, get in a car; sitting in a chair saying “vrooom” won’t help.


So, if you are looking to start with OKRs and are looking for a tool, we have prepared a comprehensive list of software that you should check out.

The list is not ordered in any particular order and. Although we have obvious bias towards Gtmhub, we’d bet that pretty much anything on this list beats post-it notes. It’s 2017, get over it 3M.

p.s. to vendors: if we forgot to include you, drop us a line and we’ll update the list. No hard feelings 😉