Lessons from working with the best

One of the reasons I am so grateful to work at Gtmhub is that we get to work with some of the best organisations, doing amazing things, performing at the highest level.

However, even the best organisations struggle.

In a recent engagement with a large, publicly traded company, we identified the following key challenges:

Prioritisation.  When you work with smart people, you realise that more or less anything is possible. However, anything and everything are very different and companies which try to do everything soon realise the difference.

Use proven tools to prioritise:  SWOT analysis, Eisenhower Matrix or even a simple list.

Shifting focus. No plan survives contact with the enemy . Changeable environments with shifting customer requirements, and fast moving competitors means that what was important yesterday, is nothing more than an anecdote today.

Focus on the goal:   Goals can be achieved in many different ways. We can adjust and adapt the means to achieve our goal, but the goal stays the same.

Lack of alignment. What is our organisation trying to achieve? Is what I’m doing relevant to the higher level goals of my organisation? If either of those questions lack good answers, it’s time for a rethink.

Communicate: Articulate organisational goals in easy to understand language. Empower teams and individuals to define how to contribute.

Output bias. What’s more important, hard work or results? Not seeing the wood for the trees is a common problem, as we ‘keep our heads down’ and ‘just get on with it’.

Outcomes not output:  Focus on what moves the needle. Instead of activities and tasks, focus on objectives (what we want to achieve) and key results (measuring progress).

This is not to say that these are challenges are easily addressed, rather that these are challenges which most likely will never really go away.

However, in our experience, a concerted and sustained commitment to Objective and Key Results (OKRs) will inevitably lead an organisation towards a more aligned, results oriented path.

Easy? No.

Worthwhile? Yes!

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