Keep track of changes with our Insights versions

The power of Insight

Effective decisions are crucial for the survival of any organization. But what fuels the effectiveness of decisions? You know the answer to this one.  Data, data, data . We can all agree that relying on your instincts is not the way to go. Translating data into actionable insights is what drives strategic decision-making and ultimately saves businesses in today’s tumultuous business environment. Understandably, every company would like to gain those invaluable insights and utilize them to make informed choices. 

I’m setting an OKR. Where’s my Insight?

What do insights mean in the OKRs universe? Just a way for businesses to know whether goals actually turn into results. What tops the fact that you can have an in-depth look into team performance and the overall health of your business? Nothing really. You can find all your Insights in your Gtmhub Insightboards and use them to evaluate how well your teams are delivering the strategic plan. You can also use them to power your Key Results and turn them dynamic. 

Insights and Dynamic Key Results. Dynamic Key Results and Insights. A tale old as time. Once upon a time they met in the lands of Gtmhub and formed a strong bond. Lived happily ever after. Yes, any Insights metric can be attached as a key result to your objective. This suggests the accuracy of your data is of extreme importance. You cannot build a long-term strategy on the wrong numbers. What did we do to ensure that you’d be able to trust your data?

Insights versions

You and your team are now able to see all previous versions of your Insights. As it is with most shared assets, where all team members can edit and add new information, it is best if you know how it all looked like before any changes were made. Especially valuable for your Insights.  

What’s more, you will have to ability to revert your Insight to an earlier version. How amazing is this? It’s almost like having the superpower to go back in time… 

Why is this important?

Versioning is critical because Insights, much like a Google doc, may undergo a lot of revisions or modifications by different people. It is helpful to get an insight into your Insights! With this new perk, you can ensure that your Dynamic KRs and Insightboards are sourced with the most accurate data. 

You will be aware of what’s happening with your Insights at any given moment. Imagine that you notice something unusual going on in your Insightboards. Sherlock calling! When you go to investigate, you’ll be able to see how when  and  who  made any Insight edits.  

What if you don’t like some of the revisions or edits? Or the current Insight version is not working at all? You can just roll back to a previous version. 

This feature is significant as Insights are used for mission-critical OKRs related to revenue, uptime, active users, etc. Versioning allows you to make sure your data is audited, stay in control, and have some peace of mind.

For more information on Insights versions, check  our online knowledge base .  

What’s next?

You will soon be able to track changes on  Insights from the Marketplace . Or, if you decide to use the latest version available, upgrading will be possible.

So much more to follow! Stick with us .