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Over the years the long-running Voices of OKR series has featured some of the best known, most respected practitioners, thought-leaders, and consultants in the OKR community.

It has also been a platform for the voices of the people who make up the overwhelming majority of the OKR community – namely you the staff, managers, and executives who use and champion OKRs in the workplace. 

We have both groups to thank for helping to make the Gtmhub OKR blog one of the biggest, most diverse reference libraries dedicated to successfully implementing OKRs and getting the most out of the methodology.

If you are interested in sharing your OKR insights and stories with the community, we invite you to join the ranks of our regular contributors. To submit an article for publication, send it to me at [email protected] . I aim to review and reply to all submissions within a week.

Refer to the FAQ below for answers to questions about how to go about producing an article for the blog and the submissions process.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Ravi Bains, 
Gtmhub Content Manager 
& Storyteller




Blog Submission FAQ

I am a professional OKR consultant/coach. Can I add an ‘about me/us’ paragraph to introduce myself/our company? 

Yes. We ask you to keep the paragraph to 100 words or less.  Also, feel free to provide links to your social media accounts.

I am an OKR user. What should I write about? 

The topics we’d love you to explore are too numerous to list! But as a general guide, one theme we’d love to hear about is how the adoption of OKRs has changed your workplace in terms of processes, mindset, culture, and ultimately outcomes. For example, what did the ‘before OKRs’ picture look like in your workplace? And what changed after the adoption of OKRs? 

Also, what were the business challenges that the adoption of OKRs helped to solve?

We would also love to read about how the adoption of OKRs has changed how you go about your job. For example, how have OKRs changed the way you collaborate with colleagues? Including your boss and/or reports? Also, can you share examples of the OKRs you crafted to address the specifics of your job and domain of expertise? 

Needless to say, we are also very interested by your insights and lessons learned from your experience of adopting OKRs. For example, what were the roadblocks on the path to adopting OKRs? How did you overcome them? Alternatively, if the adoption didn’t work out, what went wrong? And what are the important lessons the community can learn from? 

Finally, what would you say to people who are unsure about adopting OKRs?  What feedback from your own experiences would you share, either to help convince those who are considering taking the plunge or to ensure their expectations are realistic?

What are the guidelines for blog length and format? 

Aim for a blog length of about 600 to 1200 words. We can still post it if it doesn’t come in within this range. However, if the post is longer than 1200 words, consider breaking it up into parts which we will be happy to serialize.

Also, don’t forget to suggest a headline. Finally, try to break up your blog with sub-headings.

What happens after I submit an article? 

I aim to review and reply to all submissions within a week. In the event your piece ‘makes the grade’, so to speak, I’ll be getting back to you for your approval on any final revisions required for your article to conform to our publication best practices. Alternatively, if for whatever reason your article needs work, I’m happy to offer suggestions assuming you’d like to send through a reworked draft.

Can I discuss an idea I have for a blog post? 

Yes. reach out to me at [email protected] to discuss what you have in mind – which we can do either on email or by scheduling a quick call.

Your FAQ doesn’t cover my question! 

Send your question to me at [email protected]  and I’ll get back to you without delay.

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