Join me at Data Festival London, 15th of June

I am honored to be speaking at London Tech Week this year on the two topics I am especially fond of – agile and data .

Data Festival agenda is all about using data in the practice and I will join industry veterans from Google and Barclays in sharing our experiences.

I’d love to catch up if you are in London that day, so please register for the event .

As I’ve said I’ll be talking about Agile Data Science.

Agile Data Science

Agile is spreading from IT to every corner of the organization. The powerful principles of adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continual improvement are universally applicable.

In this talk, we explore how data science is transforming from stale reports into a proactive, cross-functional effort – borrowing from the time-tested IT agile practices.


  • Beyond collecting and charting
    • Cross-functional teams
    • Borrowing ideas from IT
  • Acting on data
    • Leading and lagging indicators
    • Correlation vs Causality
  • OKRs – the hip love child of MBOs and KPIs
    • What are OKRs?
    • Where fuzzy meets quantitative
    • Instrumenting human resources

Hope to see you in London!