Jenny Herald to join Gtmhub as Chief Product Officer

It is with great pleasure that we announce today that Jenny Herald will be joining Gtmhub as a Chief Product Officer.


Jenny Herald, Chief Product Officer, Gtmhub

Jenny Herald, Chief Product Officer, Gtmhub


An exceptional story

Jenny has a unique career, which started in the US Air Force and US Navy subsequently.

Though her background is in finance and operations, she has found her true calling in Wunderlist and later Microsoft, where she led and supported product teams, crafted and executed the product strategy and tied various functions of the company to deliver one of the most popular to-do applications in the world.

The road ahead

As Gtmhub continues adding customers at triple-digit rates and handles increasingly complex workflows, it was a high time to get onboard an experienced product leader.

In her capacity as Chief Product Officer and with her background in consumer-facing performance management tools – Jenny will be steering the direction of Gtmhub and continuing the idea of delivering enterprise-grade software that looks and feels like a consumer one. Once again, we will be doubling-down on our values of “radical simplicity” and “joy of use”.

Jenny will be based in our Berlin office.

Welcome Jenny!