It’s a stampede!!!

For the past 3 years, we have been building Gtmhub, helping organisations large and small to align around inspiring objectives, take massive action and deliver measurable results.

During this time, “large and small” has meant “mostly small”.

But slowly and surely, things have changed.

We ran some numbers on the past 30 days of inbound activity and the results were pretty interesting.

Going mainstream

In the past month, organisations representing more than 2 million employees have signed up to Gtmhub.

Going Enterprise

The top 50 organisations represent 1.7 million employees, with an average of 34,000 employees.

Not just a tech thing

In the top 50, the largest industries are Education, Financial Services, and Telecommunications.

Not just a US thing

While 37% percent of our inbound signups came from the US, the rest span a very long list of countries. Notable hotspots include the UK, Australia, Germany, Brazil, South Africa, and many, many more.

What’s Next

While interest levels are high, enterprises need to rapidly increase their understanding of the opportunities and challenges related to adopting an agile execution framework such as Objectives and Key Results.

We are engaged with several C-level teams to prepare their organisations for the next revolution to hit them, and make sure they’re not left behind as the stampede really takes hold.