Introducing Gtmhub Pulse

When a team introduces OKRs, one thing that happens very quickly is a full information overload. Transparency is great, but even teams of medium size will quickly generate 40-50 objectives and over 100 key results. While it is relatively simple to find out what Joe from HR is doing, having a quick view of the information most important to each individual can be challenging. We have worked together with over dozen customers to solve this problem and the result is the new Gtmhub Pulse.

What is Gtmhub Pulse?


Gtmhub Pulse has been imagined as a single dashboard personalized for each employee. The dashboard gives every person the most relevant information and offers access to the most common tasks from one single place.

Gtmhub Pulse dashboard
Gtmhub Pulse dashboard


Gtmhub Pulse comes with following insights:

  • Company progress
    Gives insight into how the company as as a whole is executing against it’s objectives.
  • My team’s progress
    If you are using Performance or higher edition and have set up teams in Gtmhub, here you can see how well is your team doing
  • My progress
    Quick look at how are you doing with your objectives and key results
  • My reports
    The progress of your direct reports, in case you are a manager (also requires Performance or higher edition)
  • Check-ins
    Observe how well the team is following the OKRs process, by seeing how often key results are being updated
  • Latest key result updates
    Celebrate small victories in a feed that shows latest changes to key results across the board
  • My feedback
    All feedback on your objectives, as well as comments where you were mentioned at a glance
  • Best performing team
    Little healthy competition is always good. See who is the best performing team in the company!

Managing the information firehose


When we started testing Gtmhub Pulse, we’ve noticed that just like your inbox, even when personalized things could get a bit crazy. To that end, we have introduced a new feed subscription mechanism.

Feed subscriptions
Feed subscriptions


Gtmhub will automatically subscribe you to many of the things that we think make sense. For example, any comment made on your objective, or objective of a member of your team. However, if you find it overwhelming you can always unsubscribe and keep your sanity.

Make it yours even more


We, at Gtmhub, are kind of obsessed with customization – and Gtmhub Pulse is no exception. You can add and remove widgets as you see fit, just as well as you can reorder them – until it feels just right.

Drag-and-drop Pulse editor
Drag-and-drop Pulse editor


If you’d like to see Gtmhub Pulse in action, we’d love to show it to you – just drop as a line and we’ll schedule a demo.


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