Improved user management

The latest release of Gtmhub brings enhanced user management. The new features and UX improvements aim to simplify the user management for customers with large number of users.

Gtmhub user management
Gtmhub user management


Here is a quick list of the new functionality.

  • Search users
    You can now search users by their name or email
  • Filter users by role
    You can now filter users by one or more roles
  • Batch delete
    It is now possible to delete multiple users at once
  • Batch change role
    You can also select multiple users and assign them or remove from a role

In addition to this, significant performance improvements were made in order to seamlessly serve customers with hundreds of users.


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Under batch delete you say “It is not possible to delete multiple users at once”, do you mean “It is now possible to delete multiple users at once”?