How to grow, achieve more and be happy

Did you ever wonder how Google (aka Alphabet, but I’ll use Google throughout) became one of the most successful companies in the world?

As a user of Google (probably) and perhaps as an investor (hopefully), or maybe just as a fascinated bystander, you recognise Google as a great product. Something that works so intuitively that is has become a verb in itself. Don’t know what I mean? Google it .

Behind the great product, and the sky high valuation, the acres of data centres and the AI powered algorithms lies something much more interesting. Something human.


Google relies first and foremost on three performance pillars; Transparency, Alignment, and Trust.


Google’s incredible performance 

But first, let’s look at a few performance facts for Google:

  • Growth . Google grew 23% in 2017, with revenue of $111B. How impressive is this? Only two companies have ever managed to grow at double digits beyond $100B revenue (Apple).
  • Productivity . Google generated a staggering $1,480,000 per employee in 2017. Only companies extracting money out of the ground can match this level of productivity.
  • Employee Experience . Google delivers on employee experience. Ranking very highly on employer rating sites with a 94% approval rating for CEO Sundar Pitchai.

So the company is kicking a** and taking names.

But how? What can ‘normal’ companies possibly learn from this exceptional, and unique success story?

Fortunately, in this case, the recipe is not a heavily guarded secret (hint, it’s not ping pong tables).


Google’s Performance Pillars 

Google’s Growth, Productivity and Employee Experience rests on three pillars:



Why do this? Transparency will make your employees feel trusted, and improve their understanding of relevant issues.

  • Goals. Share what the company, teams and individuals aim to achieve.
  • Performance. Track KPIs and share these as widely as possible.
  • Key Actions. Publish initiatives, projects, tasks and encourage collaboration.

If you’re a ‘normal’ organisation this will be uncomfortable. But, transparency enables everything else, and it is essential that you follow through.



Why do this? Get everyone to pull in the same direction with a clear purpose, and ambitious goals. This increases motivation, fosters learning and collaboration, and will improve both company performance and employee experience.

  • Mission Alignment. Communicate the company mission to everyone. Invite discussion.
  • Goal Alignment. Set company goals, quarterly objectives, let teams self-align.
  • Stretch & Measure. Aim for what is possible, at a stretch. Measure progress.

Goal setting is common practice in many organisations, and with practice, this will become the operating system of your organisation, on which all else is based.



Why do this? Because you can and you have to. After embracing transparency and aligning everyone behind what matters most, you must trust your employees to execute. Let go of your instinct to control and instead empower them with genuine autonomy. The reward will be an explosion of creativity, commitment and performance.

  • Analysis. Provide easy access to information and context.
  • Decision. Trust employees to make decisions.
  • Action. Rely on employees to take action and follow through.

Trust does not mean abdication. Employees will benefit from peer and management mentoring and coaching, ongoing training, and support to do their jobs.


How can Gtmhub help? 

Gtmhub helps organisations embrace transparency to enable massive improvements in revenue growth, productivity and employee experience. We deliver this via a solution for setting and managing goals, tracking KPIs, and supporting continuous conversations at annual, quarterly and weekly cadences.