Gtmhub to sunset Announcements functionality

When we launched announcements in May 2019, enabling our customers to notify their staff about important company news, inform colleagues of badges awarded and give employees a forum to engage with and respond to updates, we were overwhelmed with the positive feedback and usage of this feature. 

It felt, at the time, to really embody the purpose of OKRs, which is to drive alignment, encourage collaboration, and provide all employees visibility into the performance of a company. Fast forward four years and 150+ features later, and Gtmhub is in a completely different place, with an even better platform and solution. We’ve launched whiteboards, a canvas for strategy planning, Approval Workflows, to speed up your OKR planning cycles, and recently introduced the ability for businesses to create and connect 3rd party apps to Gtmhub.  

With all these exciting things going on, as well as Slack and Microsoft teams integrations supporting company updates, there was no longer a place for announcements. We have therefore decided to sunset this feature, effective from the 15th March 2022, whilst we work on a future solution for company update feeds. 

You will still be able to configure Key Result updates, badges awarded, approval activity, and more, through easy-to-set-up notifications. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to message us via support