Gtmhub Q2 2021 Product Roadmap

In Q1 2021 we focused on improving your experience with the platform. We had a major release of our whiteboards – so now you have the ability to brainstorm, ideate and collaborate. And most important of all – we allowed you to easily push all your drafts to your upcoming sessions.

In Q2 2021 Roadmap we’ve decided it is time to heavily focus on delivering smooth and bug free experience.

Apart from that we’ve also of course planned to focus on:

1. Switch between a couple of Gtmhub accounts

Have you needed to be added to more than one Gtmhub accounts as a user? Now with just a click you’ll be able to switch between accounts you were added to. And don’t worry – you won’t need to log-in and log-out as you’ll be added with the same e-mail to all accounts. This feature will delight our enterprise clients and partner consultants.  

2. Better onboarding experience

Apart from an onboarding guide, you’ll have step by step guidance. So that your first OKR experience is as easy as ABC.

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