Gtmhub? It's like a Fitbit for your business.

Apparently, most of us are ready to wear a plastic armband that needs to be charged every few days, so that we can be 100% sure we made 10,000 steps a day. Not 9,754 or, God forbid, 8,943 steps. It has to be 10,000 – because that’s the goal.

Oh yes… and we have to know the precise numbers at all times. And for everything. What have we ate, when did we exercise. And we also need to share those numbers with our friends – to keep the motivation high.

Makes sense. It works.

So… how about your business?


Do you have all the metrics you need at your fingertips?

Do you have something that automatically “counts your steps”?

How do you set goals? Challenges? How does it all work when it’s not just you, but the whole organization.

Usually – with meetings, status meetings, emails, some more meetings and a pinch of spreadsheets.

Numbers without context are random digits

Gtmhub is not a BI dashboard solution, even though we have those.

Many times through our habits and job descriptions, we focus on numbers that at a given point mean nothing. In software industry, it’s all too common to see software engineers improving code that no one uses. They are relentless in improving code coverage percentage, while the user counter shows zero. In a similar fashion, many marketers are chasing new leads, all the while current customers are leaving in droves.

Showing a number, without context is at best useless and at worst harmful. How are we to say if the number is good or bad?

So, dashboards are not enough. 

Goals without numbers are wishes

Gtmhub is also not a to-do list, even though we have those.

We’ve all heard those:

  • Let’s put customers first!
  • We need to get better at social!
  • We need DevOps!
  • We need…

All admirable goals, but how are we to tell we’ve accomplished them? Even if we define the strategy, how are we to say that it’s working.

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. 
– Winston Churchill

So, goals are not enough. 

Efforts without alignment are chaos

So, a leprechaun granted you three wishes – now you have metrics at all time, they are within context and goals have metrics.

All is good.

Marketing found a way to get a ton of leads through paid campaigns. Sales team is understaffed and can’t handle even half of the leads, so they are focusing on the up-sell in order to hit their quotas. HR team is oblivious and working on increasing employee satisfactions.

Everyone crushes their goals. Business has a near-death experience.

So, alignment is essential. 

The Gtmhub way

With Gtmhub, we are aiming to solve the problems listed above. Gtmhub:

  • gives everyone instant access to the data they need
  • connects strategy and execution
  • drives engagement by showing everyone how they contribute
  • and does all this in an unobtrusive way – you don’t integrate Gtmhub, it integrates with you

I invite you to learn more about our product, try it for free, and see all the cool things we do in our documentation.

If you’d like me to give you a personal tour of Gtmhub, feel free to write to me at [email protected].