Gtmhub Hype Files – What’s a D-OKR?

Let’s break it down.

OKR ( oh-kay-ah ) stands for Objectives and Key Results. D-OKR stands for Data Driven Objectives and Key Results – or D-OKR (Pronounced doe’kah ).

With Gtmhub you can set D-OKRs (Pronounced doe’kahz ) and link your OKRs ( oh-kay-ahs ) with data and never worry about updating your OKRs ( oh-kay-ahs ) ever again.

Why D-OKRs are awesome

D-OKR rules

OK, I get it, D-OKRs are awesome. Can you show me?

Sure, take a look at this

Don’t get bogged down in manual. Get on mission with Data-driven OKRs (DOEKAHZ!) from Gtmhub.

Get started here.


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