Friday bite: Zoho CRM Calls duration widget

I woke up this morning and saw the hot just-implemented connector for Zoho CRM, so I decided not to miss the chance to create the first widget with it.

The connector currently provides access to the following entities:

  • Potentials
  • Accounts
  • Leads
  • Events
  • Calls
  • Tasks

I picked Calls with no particular reason and decided to create a widget showing average duration of sales calls. So, after connecting the ZohoCRM account I created the entity for the calls:

name: calls
title: Calls
description: List of calls from  Zoho
    name: duration
    title: Duration
    type: integer

Then, I wrote this simple R algorithm that takes the calls and calculates the mean number:

calls <- entity("calls")
mean <- mean(calls$duration)

 mean = mean

Finally, the markup for the insight widget:

<div class="nc-icon-outline ui-2_time-clock background-icon"></div>
<div class="text-right">
   <div class="title-sm o-5">Average call duration</div>
   <div class="title-xxlg mt-2">{{ data.mean }}</div>

And here is the final result:


This is just the first test widget with the connector. Follow us on twitter for updates on the release of the full set of ZohoCRM-related insights.


Happy Friday!


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