Why Fortune 1000 Companies Should Care About the Mission Alignment Index

Organizational hypocrites. Identifying as one thing but executing on another.

At Gtmhub, we’re not a huge fan of organizational hypocrisy. We feel so strongly against it, we made it our  guiding mission

This mode of thinking was the birthplace of the Mission Alignment Index (MAI), an analysis of how well the employees of large, global brands are aligned with their company’s mission. Alignment is the cornerstone of brand authenticity with mission and vision. In the spirit of  our  authenticity, we acted on our mission, investing countless hours and dollars in this Index. 

200 global brands. Analyzing companies ranging from borderline perfect strategic alignment to alignment scores that make you wonder how they are still in business. No bias. No BS. Straight feedback from the biggest truth-tellers in the business world: anonymous employees. All in one Index.

What’s the point of spending all this time on collecting reports, feedback, and data? 

We believe we live in a world where many organizations talk a big game but fail to back it up. There is a culture in business that thrives on the buzzwords of transparency, open communication, and alignment. Yet, as this Index proves, fewer companies act on these values as much as they talk about them. This hypocrisy is toxic to our customers and the progression of our industries. 

Every company falls short of expectations at some point. The companies on this list have done it. Our competitors have done it. We have done it. Which means we all have something to lose in the pride department. 

Our mission is not to blame companies for their shortcomings. Nobody likes to be told they are doing things wrong — we believe this accomplishes nothing but hurt feelings. Our mission is to use OKRs to prevent companies from falling into future organizational hypocrisy.

The Mission Alignment Index is the bulldozer that levels the playing field. The maestro that demands the curtain of organizational truth is pulled back. The collective lightbulb that turns on for all 200 companies in this Index and beyond.

The point of the MAI is  not  to single out the leadership of companies – quite the reverse. The Index raises our collective awareness of the challenge of vision and mission alignment. 

The first step in solving a problem is admitting that there is one. The Mission Alignment Index shows that all companies have room to improve, whether they ranked #1 and scored an A, or ranked #199 and scored an F. Alignment and focus are subjective, but objective in their outcomes. Departmental goals, KPIs, and OKRs can always be better.

The Mission Alignment Index is an honest, unbiased, open exposure of global brands from all industries. We hope that it brings brands one step closer to: 

  • Greater mission alignment that corresponds to their vision 
  • Improving strategy in the long term 
  • Shifting to an outcome focus versus output focus 

Download the report and see where your company or others stand in their commitment to strategic alignment. 


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