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Master OKRs  

You’ve just discovered OKRs. But how do you start? All the information, resources and rules for implementation might overwhelm you. And what if you’re one of those who quickly figure out how to start but have a tough time really mastering this powerful goal-setting methodology? Do not despair! The key is to follow OKRs best practices. 

Best practices are a set of rules or guidelines, that lead you to the most efficient course of action. They are a framework for success – you can do your job faster and mistake-free, which consequently lets you sustain superior performance. It’s always a good idea to be aware of the best practices for what you’re hoping to accomplish. Nowadays, we make use of such guidance for almost everything – there are how-to videos and articles for everyday things like tying a tie, cutting a pineapple, or opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew. So, it absolutely makes sense to follow the tried and tested OKRs principles and get help when and where you need it. 

And it just so happens that you’re well cared for. We won’t let you fall victim to the  most common OKR mistakes , among which are also  having too many objectives  and  inputting everyday tasks as OKRs . Yes, we have a wide array of informative online materials and resources – from how-to videos, blog posts and webinars to a helpful and engaged team. We decided to go one step further – we brought these best practices into the OKRs creation flow.  

OKR-design score

When creating an OKR, we will now guide you with tooltips, so you know you’re on the right track. The OKR-design score will increase the likelihood of successful OKRs adoption and enable teams and individuals to deploy OKRs following best practices from the get-go. The score helps users craft OKRs based on proven practices. The better the score, the closer your OKRs are to perfection.

Great OKRs have certain attributes. And we’re here to make sure your OKRs have these attributes. You will now be able to avoid mistakes such as creating too many KRs, too many Yes/No KRs, hard-to-remember Objective titles, or forgetting to tie your efforts back to your OKRs.

Find out exactly how the OKR-design score works here

Why is this important?  

Everyone in the organization gets help on crafting OKRs. The OKR-design score helps enhance clarity , so that everyone delivers OKRs that are simple, concrete, and straightforward. This helps the organization achieve scale as it checks, scores, and supplies guidance for improvements to every OKR creator.

The OKR-design Score will enable organizations to achieve the much-needed consistency  as it sets up the baseline standards for successful OKRs deployment. Everybody in the team will have a clear understanding of what their OKRs should look like. Without setting coherent goals you might stir up confusion and eventually lose focus. More clarity is a driving force! 

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