5 CTO Resources You Need for the Evolving World of Technology

You’re tired of hearing it as a CTO: the world is changing, and technology with it. You know the world is in a rapidly shifting era of technological and behavioral change. Now what? You need specific CTO resources. 


You’ve somehow made it to this page and this post — you’re looking for something worth your time. We believe you’ve made it to the right place with this CTO resources blog. Instead of posing obvious statements, let’s ask the difficult question most organizations aren’t able to answer: 


How can we help you as a CTO adapt your strategy deployment and execution in a world that continues to demand more — more innovation, more consistency, more everything? 


You don’t need general think pieces that pose opinions and discussion instead of experience. You need practical insights and actionable advice from professionals who are doing what you do, whether it’s in the form of a 600-word blog post or a 6,000-word whitepaper. 


Gtmhub is here to help solve your most pressing challenges as a CTO, not just discuss them, with this CTO resources blog. We’ve created five (5) different resources covering various topics related to your role — from high-level strategy to ground-level tactics. 


You can find the link to these resources below, including brief descriptions of what you can expect from the content. Happy reading (or listening)! 


Evolve or Be Erased: How Technology Leaders Succeed in a World of Shifting Strategy 

📝 Whitepaper 

Great if you’re looking for: 

  • The CTO’s defining responsibilities
  • How the superpowers of OKRs connect to the CTO role
  • Practical CTO scenarios to leverage OKRs
  • Tips for creating better OKRs
  • The future of work narrative through the CTO’s perspective


The Horizontal Thinkers Roundtable: Chief Technology Officer Edition 

📽️ Roundtable Recording 

Great if you’re looking for discussion on: 

  • The increasing challenges of the CTOs in a post-pandemic world
  • How to succeed with CTO core responsibilities
  • Enabling CTOs for success with OKRs


Find Your CTO Superpowers with OKRs 

📜 Blog post 


Great if you’re looking for: 

  • Why the increasing pressure as a CTO comes from strategic plan failure
  • How to overcome challenges in technology strategy development and execution
  • The alignment between the powers of OKRs and the demands of CTOs


Empowering a Hybrid Technology Team as CTO 

📜 Blog post 


Great if you’re looking for: 

  • How to bring focus and eliminate redundancies for tech teams
  • Why seamless collaboration enables documentation and transparency
  • How tech teams can focus on both quality control and optimization


Gtmhub OKRs Marketplace: CTO Resources  

🖇️ OKR Template 


What this does for you: 

  • Demonstrates a live template for a CTO/Technology Leader OKR
  • Provides a launching point for your personalized OKR