Feedback & Recognition with Gtmhub badges

In a study by Psychometrics, when asked what leaders could do to improve employee engagement, 58% people have said “Give recognition”. Similar research, done by SHRM, showed that organizations spending 1% or more of the payroll on the recognition are 79% more likely to see better financial results.

Bottom line – giving credit where credit is due – is not only the right thing to do but also good for business.

Introducing Gtmhub badges

In our Q2 Roadmap, we have planned a whole set of features aimed at simplifying feedback and recognition within an organization. Today we are releasing the first piece: badges.

Badges are imagined as a light and fun way of recognizing colleagues for their effort and the value they bring. This new feature is available in the People section of Gtmhub.

Gtmhub badges

Gtmhub badges

Gtmhub comes with 10 predefined badges that you can start using right away. Awarding a badge can be done from multiple places – from the Badges module, as well as from the Employees and Teams modules. And, yes, you can award badges to teams as well.

While we’ve put a lot of effort (hundreds and hundreds of hours) in coming up with predefined badges – the best part is – you can create custom badges for your organization.

Create a new Gtmhub badge

The most important part – of course – is awarding badges. When the badge is awarded, you can also leave a comment why this is done – which will be announced to colleagues.

Awarding badges to teams and employees

Awarding badges to teams and employees

Last, but not the least, Gtmhub also provides permissions on who can define and award badges – with approval workflow also coming soon. This way, you can decide how curated the process should be.