Effortlessly extract OKRs data with our Codeless insights

Data democratization

Nowadays, companies of all shapes and sizes are bombarded with an unprecedented amount of data. The digital data garnered from consumer and business activity can give us incredibly valuable insights, necessary for effective decision-making. However, data is indeed like oil in the 18th century – people are aware of its immense value, but they are still looking for the best ways to obtain it. So, the data resource is grossly underutilized – only 32% of companies realize tangible and measurable value from data and merely 27% agree that data and analytics projects produce highly actionable insights and recommendations .

This is where data democratization comes into play – it’s actually been dubbed as a game changer. Data democratization is the process of making data  accessible to everyone within the organization. It enables non-technical people to easily gather, analyze and understand data without outside help. Until recently, different business units had to go through the IT department to set up the extraction process and make sense of the data. This slowed down decision making. 

But things have changed with the development of new technology. There are now user-friendly tools that empower working teams, especially employees with no technical background to visualize data relevant to their role and effortlessly examine information. This, in turn, makes teams more confident and agile, expedites the process of making informed decisions and improves business performance. And Gtmhub is one of these tools. 

Codeless insights

OKRs and Insights go hand in hand. You need those data insights to see whether your goals turn into results and how well your team is delivering the strategic plan you’ve ambitiously set. Up until now, Gtmhub users had to write SQL to create an Insight and custom HTML to visualize their data. Well, no more…

Our new Codeless Insights will take the code-heavy burden off your shoulders – you now need  zero  coding skills to generate valuable business insights and track your progress. You can use a query builder to get the exact Insight you need, and your data-fueled metrics will then be visualized with automatic UI. 

What’s more, once you connect your Insights to your KRs, you’ll turn them dynamic and get them automatically updated. Nifty, right? 

So, what are the exact ‘superpowers’ that you have now? 

✅ You can create an Insight 

✅ You can create a Dynamic Key Result 

✅ Key Results are guaranteed to be quantitative measures backed by data 

✅ Progress is reported back regularly 

Go to our online knowledge base  to learn how to create and make use of our Codeless Insights.  

Why is this important?

Normally, teams and individuals that work with data often go through the IT or Data Science department to set up their Dynamic Key Results and get the relevant insights. Thus, our Codeless Insights truly empower Gtmhub users to be self-sufficient and successfully unlock the magic of OKRs. For example, a Sales representative with no technical background or whatsoever can now automate his/hers “Increase bookings” Key Result just by using simple UI to define the logic for calculating the sum of all closed deals. Moreover, team leads, managers and OKR champions won’t have to chase people to update OKRs anymore. See how that helps? Let’s break it down for you: 

1.  Saving time and effort to Insight   

When employees can query OKRs data directly, it empowers them to reduce time and resources to arrive at critical insights. This is a significant improvement over legacy systems, when people had to submit requests to technical specialists and wait from days to weeks to get what they need. Another positive effect is that these specialized teams can now just devote more time and energy to their important tasks. Eliminating the time-consuming back-and-forth between tech specialists and business people actually gives more time to analyze and leverage data insights.

2 .  Ensuring   up to date OKRs    

As everyone can now automate their KRs, you can be sure all OKRs are up-to-date and reporting is accurate. OKRs discussions will be more productive as everyone can discuss what needs to happen or change to ensure teams reach their goals rather than wasting time updating KR values.  

3.    Gaining  competitive advantage   

The ability to access OKRs data easily and quickly will empower all individuals within your organization to use data in their decision making. Such organizations will have competitive advantage over sluggish data-frugal businesses. And all because capitalizing on insights into goal progress and performance can catapult companies to new heights of performance and help you identify new opportunities for business growth.

Amazing, right?  

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