Customize your OKR process

There is one thing we’ve learned while helping different companies adopt OKRs – it’s always a little bit different. While the basic methodology is always more or less the same, the size, stage, industry and culture of different companies demand from the product to adapt.

To this end, we’ve released a new powerful feature to Gtmhub – custom OKR fields. Flexible like spreadsheets, without all the maintenance madness.


Examples of custom OKR fields

While, by definition, custom fields are – well, custom – here are some examples how our customers use them:

  • Risks – define a list of risks that may prevent objective from being achieved
  • Obstacles – a list of obstacles that need to be cleared for objective to be achieved
  • Tasks – a link to JIRA, Github or Asana that contains tasks related to OKR
  • Opportunity cost – what are you not doing, because you are doing this. Helps motivation 😉

How to define custom OKR fields

You can learn all the details from our documentation – however, we can just say it’s very simple.


Custom OKR fields

Custom OKR fields


Gtmhub supports different types of custom fields, such as text area, checkbox or date picker.