Continuous feedback with Gtmhub

To help organizations improve employee experience and drive performance, we have released several new features in Gtmhub.

In this post, I will focus on the new Feedback module, which allows for a quick, agile and light way to get and request feedback from colleagues.

What can you do with the new Feedback module?

Gtmhub supports all the necessary feedback workflows that allow organizations to embed the culture of feedback in a light and obtrusive way.

Requesting feedback

The most common scenario is requesting a feedback.

Requesting feedback from multiple people about a colleague
Requesting feedback from multiple people about a colleague

You can easily ask multiple people to provide feedback on a given person. Depending on your company culture and sensitivity of the feedback, you can also choose to make this visible to the person for whom feedback was requested.

Sending feedback

Another common scenario is to send ad-hoc feedback to a colleague.

Sending feedback
Sending feedback

The flexible permissions allow you to define who will see the feedback – only the person you are sending it to, or their manager as well.

Reviewing the feedback

To easily keep track of all the feedback, you can filter through it.

Reviewing the feedback
Reviewing the feedback

Gtmhub allows you to find:

  • The feedback you have received
  • The feedback you have sent
  • The feedback you have requested
  • and the feedback someone requested from you

Managing feedback process

Finally, in larger organizations – managing the whole feedback process at a scale, from an HR standpoint, will always be challenging. To solve this issue, Gtmhub provides the All feedback view, with 10,000 feet overview of all the feedback.


Managing the feedback process
Managing the feedback process

Next steps

In addition to being the most sophisticated OKR platform, Gtmhub has added a slew of features that allow companies to improve employee experience and drive performance across the board.

To learn more about how Gtmhub helps organizations be the best version of themselves, sign up for a personal demo.



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