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OKRs for HubSpot CRM

We have just released 20+ built-in metrics for HubSpot CRM, which you can use to automatically update your OKRs. What’s in the box? In the first iteration, we have focused only on the HubSpot CRM. This will give you 22 metrics split into 3 InsightBoards: Pipeline Deal Productivity Improve efficiency of your sales team with

February 7, 2018

Improved OKRs timeline

There is a lot of things that happen around any given objective in Gtmhub. For a while now we provided a timeline of everything that was happening – but with time, we’ve noticed that information became overwhelming. To solve this issue, we have broken down the timeline in distinct event categories and also implemented color

February 6, 2018

Coming soon: Linking annual and quarter OKRs

Update: This feature has been released – read the release notes. Just a few days ago we have published a roadmap for Q1 2018. One of the most requested features on our roadmap is the ability to align OKRs between planning sessions. In this post, I am going to share more details on the feature

January 31, 2018

Setting up an org chart in Gtmhub

Gtmhub has a feature for creating and managing the org chart of your company. While some people find this feature useful in itself, in this post, I wanted to explore how we use it, why it is a good idea to set it up in Gtmhub, and, finally, how to do it. What is an

January 29, 2018

Code snippets in Gtmhub

When building custom insights in Gtmhub, one will often use the same or similar code frequently.  That code may be the HTML used for the presentation, just as well as SQL or R for the algorithm. Examples The majority of insights in Gtmhub will be a simple number with a title. This insight is displaying

January 25, 2018

Quicker OKRs check-ins with Gtmhub

*With the new Home and Lists screens in the Gtmhub platform you can manage your team OKRs even more easily. What separates Gtmhub from other vendors of OKRs software is the ability to connect to over 100 business systems and automatically update your OKRs. That being said, we also do support manual OKRs – typically

January 24, 2018

Gtmhub connector for Trello

Today, we have released a Trello connector for Gtmhub. Gtmhub is, as you probably know, a software which connects to over 100 business systems and automatically extracts and updates your OKRs based on the data already available in those systems. Why a Trello connector? People have come to use Trello for a lot of different

January 11, 2018

KPI, metric and OKR walk into a bar…

For over two years, we have been pursuing our mission of allowing organizations to drive performance in real-time. To do that, we knew that we need to enable following: An easy and intuitive way to set and manage OKRs Connect key results to live data coming from existing business systems (think Salesforce, JIRA, Google Analytics,

December 19, 2017

10 ways we made working with Gtmhub even more enjoyable

Earlier this week, we announced one big addition to the way you can manage your OKRs process within the organization – Private OKRs and planning sessions. The perpetual effort for improvement of our product never stops, so I would like to share a few more tiny improvements, that make the user experience even better. Here is

December 15, 2017

Private OKRs and planning sessions

Today we have released a new feature, highly requested by our enterprise customers: the ability to define permissions on planning sessions. First, the context Planning sessions in Gtmhub allow you to group your OKRs and define the time period in which they are to be achieved (e.g. from January 1st, 2018 to March 31st, 2018).

December 12, 2017

Announcing Gtmhub for Android

Just last week we’ve released Gtmhub for iPhone. This week we are announcing Gtmhub for Android. With the first release, we have taken the most common use cases mobile. Progress in real time, anywhere With the new companion mobile app for Android, you can track the company progress and your personal progress at any time

November 13, 2017

Announcing Gtmhub for iPhone

It is our pleasure to announce that Gtmhub is now available on iPhone. With the first release, we have taken the most common use cases mobile. Progress in real time, anywhere With the new companion mobile app for iPhone, you can track the company progress and your personal progress at any time on your iPhone.

November 9, 2017

Managing OKRs at scale

Building a messaging app, such as WhatsApp is trivial – unless you plan on having billion users. Making a cup of coffee is simple – but not if you are Starbucks. Understanding distances is simple – until we start talking systems and galaxies. Scale changes not only the quantity – but also the quality of

October 25, 2017

Bulk moving objectives between sessions

Often, teams will have similar OKRs between quarters. A team may pursue same objectives for 2-3 quarters in a row and the only thing that changes is the KRs (key results). At Gtmhub, we are providing the world’s simplest software for adopting and managing OKRs. To live up to this promise, often it comes down

October 19, 2017

Connect your OKRs to live data coming from Chargebee

Chargebee is a very popular SaaS billing service. Chargebee provides you with everything to manage subscriptions, recurring payments, invoicing and everything else related to SaaS billing. Today, we have released a connector for Chargebee which allows you to create OKRs which are linked to live KPIs coming from Chargebee. Use cases OKRs related to business

October 11, 2017

Create support OKRs with live KPIs from Freshdesk

We have just released a new connector for Freshdesk, a popular customer support software and ticketing system. Similar, to our existing connector for ZenDesk, FreshDesk connector can be used to attach live KPIs, such as number of open tickets, average response time or number of high priority tickets to an objective in Gtmhub. Use case

October 6, 2017

JIRA + Gtmhub: Where Agile meets OKRs

Many of the Gtmhub users are developers. Often, when just starting out with OKRs, teams wonder how OKRs work with agile. Here is the way we think about it: Objective: What we want to achieve? Key results: How are we going to measure success? Tasks: What are we going to do about it? Task is

October 5, 2017

Ten small ways in which Gtmhub makes OKRs awesome

Objectives & Key Results are taking over the world. Everyone from two people startups all the way to Fortune 50 companies is using OKRs. The way that people go about managing OKRs is also very diverse. Some people use post-it notes, others are using spreadsheets, yet others are building custom tools. Ultimately, whatever works –

September 20, 2017

Connecting OKRs with Google Forms and Sheets

Gtmhub can keep track of your key results automatically, by pulling data from hundreds of different systems such as SalesForce or JIRA. Often, however, people need to deal with “small data”, which may not have a dedicated system for managing it. Typically, this is where Excel or Google Sheets kick in. In this blog post,

September 15, 2017

Dynamic filters in Gtmhub

We have introduced a new powerful feature for dynamic key results in Gtmhub – dynamic filters. So far, Gtmhub supported filters such as date range, list of options and so on. The problem, however, was that you had to predefine the values of these filters. With new dynamic filters, you can use any data source

September 4, 2017

Subscriptions – stay informed on the most important OKRs

Today we have released a new feature aimed at helping larger organizations fight information overload: subscriptions. Many of our clients have hundreds or even thousands OKRs in any given planning session. To help them keep their sanity, we have introduced a new feature which allows them to subscribe to any changes on objectives, teams or

August 3, 2017

Markdown formatting in Gtmhub

We have just released a highly requested feature in Gtmhub – the ability to format text in OKRs. From now on, you can format any text in the long format, including the custom fields, using markdown format. Quick example Let me show you a quick example of formatting objective description. When saved, the description of

July 24, 2017

Export OKRs to Excel

There are occasions when one needs to share the progress on OKRs outside of Gtmhub. It could be a meeting in a conference room, email to an investor or another stakeholder. To assist our users with this use case, we’ve introduced the ability to export OKRs to Excel (or spreadsheet format, to be more precise).

July 11, 2017

Resolving schema changes with Gtmhub

Gtmhub is an OKR software which connects to over 100 applications and data stores, such as JIRA, Salesforce or MySQL. We use this data to automatically track and update key results – such as a number of open bugs or average deal size. In this article, we will introduce a new tool, which helps you

July 3, 2017

OKRs for Salesforce – new Gtmhub integration

Yesterday, we’ve announced the new JIRA integration for Gtmhub. Today, we are very happy to announce 42 ready to use metrics for Salesforce. With this new integration, Gtmhub customers are able to set key results against live metrics coming from Gtmhub. The benefit for users is that OKRs using Salesforce connector don’t need to be

June 28, 2017

OKRs for JIRA - new Gtmhub integration

Today we have released 32 built-in JIRA metrics which you can use with your OKRs. What makes Gtmhub special is the ability to dynamically connect to over 100 business systems and collect and update your key results automatically and in real-time.

June 27, 2017