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Jake Esau

Spotlight on Technical Success: Jake Esau

"For the past few years I’ve worked in technical success and consulting, which provides the perfect blend of customer interaction and technical work. My work has allowed me to work with wonderful people around the globe in companies of all sizes."
May 10, 2022
Aidan Hickman

Spotlight on Technical Success: Aidan Hickman

"...our success is judged almost entirely on the success of our customers. If we can enable our customers to successfully scale their OKR execution across their business then we have been successful in our goals. This is our minimum and we aim to exceed it. "
April 20, 2022

Gtmhub Q2 2021 Product Roadmap

In Q1 2021 we focused on improving your experience with the platform. We had a major release of our whiteboards – so now you have the ability to brainstorm, ideate and collaborate. And most important of all – we allowed you to easily push all your drafts to your upcoming sessions.
April 1, 2021

Leverage the power of OKRs: Gtmhub’s Scale plan

Earlier this year, we set out on a mission to democratize OKRs through the release of our START plan. Our goal was simple – provide access to software that would enable OKRs in business around the world, with as little friction as possible.  Today, we are excited to announce two changes that improve the way businesses can get started with OKRs and how they progress on their OKRs journey with Gtmhub.
May 1, 2020

Dreams with Deadlines

Dreams with Deadlines is a podcast by the makers of Gtmhub. Every other week, you’ll hear stories from ambitious people who are trying to make a mark in the world with their teams.
April 28, 2020

Agile at Scale and Gtmhub Q1 2020 Roadmap

We have recently announced our Series A, and the injection of capital is already visible on our roadmap. Q1 2020 represents the most significant update to the Gtmhub platform to date. The central theme of Q1 is – agile at scale. How does one introduce OKRs to 5,000 people? How do we make sure 22,000 people follow the agreed-upon OKR process?
December 18, 2019

Jenny Herald to join Gtmhub as Chief Product Officer

It is with great pleasure that we announce today that Jenny Herald will be joining Gtmhub as a Chief Product Officer. An exceptional story Jenny has a unique career, which started in the US Air Force and US Navy subsequently. Though her background is in finance and operations, she has found her true calling in Wunderlist and later Microsoft, where she led and supported product teams.
September 21, 2018

It’s a stampede!!!

For the past 3 years, we have been building Gtmhub, helping organisations large and small to align around inspiring objectives, take massive action and deliver measurable results. During this time, “large and small” has meant “mostly small”. But slowly and surely, things have changed. We ran some numbers on the past 30 days of inbound activity and the results were pretty interesting.
August 17, 2018

Gtmhub launches US data center

Until today, all Gtmhub customer data was located in our EU data center in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Over the past six months, North America has become the single largest market for Gtmhub. To offer better performance, comply with various regulations of both public companies and government sector, we have decided to launch a new data center in San Francisco, CA.
August 17, 2018

Join me at Data Festival London, 15th of June

I am honored to be speaking at London Tech Week this year on the two topics I am especially fond of – agile and data. Data Festival agenda is all about using data in the practice and I will join industry veterans from Google and Barclays in sharing our experiences.
May 23, 2018