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Christian Rois and David Zechner are consultants at EDELWEISS CONSULTING – a leading consultancy company based in Austria. Christian is an entrepreneur, co-founder and managing partner at EDELWEISS CONSULTING, consulting executives in IT, Finance, NPOs and the public sector. David is a consultant, certified trainer, and overall an IT person with a hands-on mentality and

June 2, 2021

OKRs & Cognitive biases

Except for the awareness of cognitive biases you should develop, it is best to get feedback on your OKRs to counter thinking biases that might have propelled you to make the wrong conclusions about your goals and plans.

April 21, 2021

Seven C’s of OKR Success

Every successful OKR Implementation has seven things in common – “the “Seven C’s of OKR Success”. They represent the seven key factors that an OKR Implementation needs to thrive, receive buy-in and be successful.

March 17, 2021

OKR Confessions: Peter from Froomle

OKRs also helped us prioritize and make choices. The biggest benefit we witnessed was that we were able to say: “I won’t have time to do that, it’s not in my OKRs for this quarter.” This of course is not a way to dodge extra work, but truly concentrate on what is important for the customers and the company.

January 14, 2021