Announcing Gtmhub for Android

Just last week we’ve released Gtmhub for iPhone . This week we are announcing Gtmhub for Android.

With the first release, we have taken the most common use cases mobile.

Progress in real time, anywhere

With the new companion mobile app for Android, you can track the company progress and your personal progress at any time on your Android smartphone.


Company and personal goal attainment on iPhone

Company and personal goal attainment on Android


All OKRs on your Android phone

The new mobile app also allows you to browse all the objectives, conveniently sorted from the best performing towards the ones not going so well.


Your company OKRs on iPhone

Your company OKRs on Android


Also, you can switch planning sessions, allowing you to see what is being planned for the next quarter.

Mobile check-ins

Finally, the most requested feature for our mobile app was the ability to update key results on the go.


Update key results on your iPhone

Update key results on your Android phone


Next steps

Head to the Google Play Store and download Gtmhub OKRs mobile app for free.