Al Rey to join Gtmhub as Chief Sales Officer, North America

It is with great pleasure that we announce today that Al Rey will be joining Gtmhub as a Chief Sales Officer, North America.

Al is a specialist in scaling Sales and Customer Success organizations of companies that have found product / market fit. Al is joining after remarkable journey at Leanplum, a wildly successful San Francisco based startup, where he was employee #3 and served as a Chief Revenue Officer. Prior to Leanplum, Al has served as a Sales Director at Kontagent,  as well as Sales Executive at LinkedIn and Trulia.

What makes us particularly excited is Al’s dedication and focus on company culture and values, somewhat unexpected quality for a sales leader.

Al holds a bachelors degree in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara and MBA from the University of San Francisco.

Al will be based out of our new San Francisco office.

Welcome, Al!



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