Accelerate Progress as a Diversity and Inclusion Leader: A Resource Guide

Diversity & Inclusion Domino Effect

If you are a leader in Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), you did not sign up to play games.  

You want to drive change and progress in your organization. You want to positively impact the quality of life for others and create a culture that consistently improves at inclusivity.

But playing with the pieces of one game, dominoes, can help you drive the change you want to see as a D&I leader. Understanding the domino effect, creating a chain reaction of changes, can help you find your voice to leverage D&I as an opportunity. Lining up dominoes takes patience and consistently focused efforts.

Diversity and Inclusion is no different. You cannot (and should not) overhaul your organization overnight. If you are a D&I leader, you should already understand that D&I is a long-term strategy. Combined with consistent attention and minor changes (like when lining up dominoes), D&I can set up your organization for enormous impact.

* If you are not interested in the D&I domino effect, you can skip directly to the bottom of this blog to find our resources for D&I leaders.  

Setting up dominoes takes patience. Rushing through the setup and skipping the delicacies involved can cause your dominoes to prematurely tumble. You know what’s coming next. 

D&I also requires patience. Odds are, if you are reading this as a D&I leader (or any leader for that matter), you’ve learned patience the hard way. Rushing your organization through an expedited process for the purpose of hitting benchmarks is a premature domino tumble waiting to happen. 

Finally, you need a vision for where the dominoes are going to fall. What is your end game for D&I? Sure, when the dominoes are finally lined up, watching them tumble down is fun. But what’s your D&I endgame? 


How Diversity and Inclusion Leaders Can Drive Measurable Results 

📝  Whitepaper 

Great if you’re looking for:

  • A blueprint for driving measurable impact as a D&I leader
  • An understanding of the D&I landscape to better assess your organization
  • How to position D&I as an opportunity, leveraging its impact through OKRs
  • Why OKRs bring autonomy, transparency, and accountability to your D&I alignment

Make Your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy a Winner with OKRs 

📜  Blog post 

Great if you’re looking for: 

  • A condensed version/introduction to the whitepaper
  • A breakdown of how OKRs make D&I goals practical for your entire organization
  • A solution to the three largest challenges D&I leaders face when driving change

Vessy Tasheva – On Embedding D&I in Business Strategy 

📻  Podcast  

Great if you’re looking for: 

  • A discussion with a D&I expert on practicing D&I at the enterprise level
  • The what and why of D&I in a 2021 world
  • Discussion of whitepaper elements — the state of D&I, D&I leadership, OKRs in D&I
  • Rapid fire Q&A

Vessy Tasheva Answering Your 1-on-1 Roundtable Questions 

📻  Podcast Q&A  

What this does for you: 

  • Gives a continuation to the podcast rapid fire Q&A
  • Explores D&I with in-depth feedback and contextualizes D&I to specific examples
  • Answers common concerns you will face as a D&I leader at any scale

D&I OKR Template  

🖇️  OKR Template

What this does for you: 

  • Provides a plug-and-play template for a D&I OKR
  • Illustrates the seamlessness of creating your D&I OKR

D&I OKR Tree  

OKR example

What this does for you: 

  • Blueprints how D&I OKRs integrate at every level
  • Demonstrates cross-dependencies and how D&I OKRs contribute to the business OKR
  • Highlights a real-world OKR example to reduce resistance to D&I adaptation

The Horizontal Thinkers Roundtable: Diversity & Inclusion Leader Edition recording  

📽️  Roundtable  

Great if you’re looking for: 

  • Discussion from D&I practitioners who face implementation challenges
  • A conversational take on D&I strategy best-practices from experts
  • How to plug D&I as a practical business solution
  • Methods to strengthen your D&I case through teambuilding and leveraging the ROI mindset

Everyone’s domino effect looks different. Regardless of those differences, the first domino  must  be tipped over. Otherwise, long-term change is nonexistent. 

Acting now is tipping the first domino. Read our blog to learn why OKRs are crucial for D&I. Deep dive into D&I with our whitepaper that creates a practical blueprint for driving measurable results. Listen to D&I experts and practitioners talk about the struggles and strategies in their companies. 

Tip the D&I domino. 


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