OKRs enable home and remote workers

Posted by Bo Pedersen
on February 8, 2018

At Gtmhub we use objectives and key results to clearly define and communicate to each team member what matters most.

Pros & cons of working remotely

We have daily standups where we go through what happened, what’s coming up and what’s holding people back.

Working remotely has its fair share of pros and cons.

Among the pros, for me at least, is the absence of a daily commute, and the ability to spend more time with family. The cons, again in my personal case, include the lack of the ambient buzz of an office environment, not being able to easily interact with coworkers face to face, and somewhat unexpectedly, a significant reduced physical activity level (when I work from home, my average steps per day average 6-7000, whereas if I work from our London office, I’ll regularly reach the daily 10k steps target).

Overall though, I can highly recommend working from home to anyone who hasn’t tried it.

OKRs as a communication tool

For companies who are wrestling which this, wondering whether and how working from home, will hinder or enable their growth plans, help is at hand.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) offer companies many benefits, including focus, team and individual alignment, more engaged and committed employees, and a high degree of transparency leading to greater understanding and a sense of purpose.

These benefits do not rely on people working from a single physical office space. When company mission and goals are communicated clearly, it is as easy for remote workers as it is for office-based workers to define OKRs which support the company mission and goals.

Autonomy, meet transparency

With good objectives and measurable key results, remote workers can define their daily tasks with a high degree of autonomy, while allowing managers to check in on progress regularly and offer any help or guidance.

Of course, this is all best achieved with the support of the right collaboration tools. At Gtmhub we use Stride from Atlassian (still some teething issues with Stride… but we’re early adopters by nature…), and of course we manage our OKRs and tasks in Gtmhub.

To enable remote working without disconnecting your team members from your mission and goals, adopt OKRs.