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Great teams are loosely coupled, yet tightly aligned. By linking and cascading your company, team, and individual OKRs, Gtmhub aligns all of your objectives and Key Results around a shared purpose, going well beyond the crude org-chart and functional silos. Anyone in your team can see how their work supports a team or company objective, creating a culture of meaningful work, flexibility, autonomy, and connection.

Objectives for every situation, for everyone in your team

For an intuitive overview of how the goals of your team come together, you can view all objectives and key results in varying levels of detail, as well as expand and collapse branches to visualize the complexity (and structure) of your team with ease. Privacy settings ensure that only the people in your team who need to view, can view. Private OKRs are also supported, so that your Gtmhub is truly personalized.

Quick view of everyone's contribution and progress

OKRs don't necessarily align in the same way as an organizational chart. That, however, doesn't mean that you are not responsible for those who report directly to you. We've built a handy widget so that you can view the performance of your team members at any time. Privacy controls mean that you can determine who sees what at any point in time, giving you full flexibility.

Be aligned.
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