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Our handy features will help you set internal alignment, clarify focus and achieve strategic priorities. 

OKR Alignment View

Communicate Alignment across the entire organization

Engage teams and individuals by showcasing how their key activities help to achieve organizational goals. Make use of our “Tree” structure, where you can view all objectives and key results in varying levels of detail, as well as expand and collapse branches to visualize complexity. Privacy settings ensure that only people in your team who need to view OKRs can access them.

Team/Individual OKR Ownership

Easily maintain authority of responsibilities

Flexibly manage OKRs in a way which works best for your organization by assigning ownership of specific OKRs to either Teams or Individuals. Avoid micromanagement but let everyone know what’s expected of them.

Add Tasks to Key Results

Know exactly how you’re achieving your objectives

Ensure that you are making progress towards objective completion by setting priority tasks for yourself and others. Manage your time better and prevent secondary daily tasks from distracting you from primary goals.

How-To Videos

Master our OKR tool

Educate yourself to become an OKR master. Watch our extremely helpful and informative videos and get acquainted with Gtmhub’s useful features.

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Who uses OKRs?

Companies that currently use OKRs include:

... among many others. It appears that Bono uses personal OKRs too.

Who uses our product

Vincent Craplet, Chief Operating Officer FIC at Société Générale on why they chose Gtmhub for their alignment strategy

Lisa Fitch
"Gtmhub is the most flexible, data-driven solution for managing OKRs. Our partners on the customer success team combined with Gtmhub's data integrations and customizable insights translate to winning solutions. "

Lisa Fitch
Business Operations Lead, VideoAmp
Leo Jolicoeur
"Gtmhub is a fantastic, flexible solution that drives our Drivewyze OKR culture. The company has excellent customer success from a team that really understands how to measure what matters!"

Leo Jolicoeur
COO, Drivewyze
Let Gtmhub serve as your North Star in a constantly changing world of uncertainty and challenges. Allow us to be your guide as you seek to align your team around a common goal, increase everyone’s focus on what really matters, and accelerate your growth...
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